SR-Asia membership

SR ASIA has following categories of members:

  1. Patron Members
  2. Corporate Member
  3. Professional Members
  4. Overseas Members 

Please click the below to see the details of each categories.

Patron Members

For patron member entrance fee is IN Rs.50000/- and annual subscription is IN Rs. 500000/-

This category has large companies, MNCs, PSUs, and financial institutions.  Besides regular services special privileges are offered to patron members.

Advantages of Patron Membership: Special privileges to patron members include:

-Direct representation on the managing committee.

-Priority consideration for Chairmanship and Co-chairmanship of Expert Committees .

-Priority consideration for participation in high level delegations visiting India and those visiting other countries and meeting senior government officials.

-Priority Consideration for opportunity to sponsor/Co-sponser SR ASIA events and to advertise in prime locations, in SR ASIA publications, periodicals, news letters etc.

-Priority dealing of all the correspondence by the secretariat.



Corporate Member

The annual subscription payable by each Corporate Associate Member shall be determined in accordance with the following scale:


Turnover* (Rs.)

Subscription Fee*

Below 2 Crores

Rs. 12,000

Between 2-5 Crores

Rs. 15,000

Between 5-10 Crores

Rs. 20,000

Between 10-20 Crores

Rs. 30,000

Between 20-50 Crores

Rs. 45,000

Between 50 -100 Crores

Rs. 65,000

Between 100 -200 Crores

Rs. 75,000

Between 200-500 Crores

Rs. 1,00,000

In excess of Rs.500 Crores

Rs. 1,25,000

The entry fee is 20% of the annual subscriptions.

The annual subscription for Public Sector Undertakings/Professional Firms/ are fixed as under:


Subscription* (Rs.)

Public Sector Undertakings

Rs. 35,000

Professional Firms

Rs. 20,000

The annual subscription payment by each Professional Member shall be based on the gross income of the Ordinary Member which is as follows:


Subscription* (Rs.)

Gross Income upto Rs.3,00,000

Rs. 7,500/-

Gross Income between Rs.3,00,001 and Rs.5,00,000

Rs. 10,000/-

Gross income exceeding Rs.5,00,001


*PS: Service Tax 12.36% to be added in the subscription fee.

An Admission fee  (one time) of Rs.1,500/- shall be charged to all new applicants. Service Tax 12.36% is to be added.

Membership subscriptions are payble in advance. The subscription is payble on financial year basis i.e. April to March.

Online Membership

Your queries will be answered promptly if you email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Professional members

Chambers of commerce, trade or industry associations with a minimum annual gross income of Rs. 50, 000 and with at least five years of existence are eligible for Ordinary Membership.

No restriction on the number members in this category.

Advantages of Professional membership:

-Ordinary Members the following benefits of being associated with SR ASIA:

-Issues at regional level but requiring national attention are taken up by SR ASIA on behalf of the ordinary member with concerned official at the center

-Joint programmes are organized on the issues of common interest. SR ASIA lends additional credibility to the programmes through its name and by providing speakers/faculty/experts for the programme.

-35 seats are reserved on the managing committee. 




Overseas Members

This category is for overseas members.


-Assist identifying a collaborator, Buyer/Seller.
Update about the Economic Scenario of the country.

-Provide latest amendments in Legislation relating to International Trade, change in policies etc.

-Match Making/One to one contact for development of Business.

-Organise meetings with the concerned officials in Government, Media, Senior Leaders of Industry etc., provide Escort service.

-Provide information about the Investment climate in India.

-Respond to any enquiries concerning Trade, Commerce etc. on priority basis.

-To manage holding any event/programme in India, if so required by the Member.

-Assist participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibitions.

-Seek views on policies to influence Government for drafting investment friendly policies


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