Swachh Bharat Mission - Projects in Progress

Date : 12th April, 2015

For the success of our Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at ISBT, Anand Vihar, today before starting cleaning process at UP Roadways Bus Driver-Conductor Resting Site inside the ISBT which was cleaned by our team on the last Sunday, we met the UP Roadways officials available at ISBT.  We reminded those officials about our earlier requests for looking into the pitiable conditions of the Resting Site and also apprised them about our cleaning activities performed by us on the preceding Sunday.  These officials felt ashamed.  Then on our request they went with us to the Resting Site for a view.  They appreciated our work as the site was cleaner in comparison to the earlier one.  On our request, they promised for putting switch boards, tube-lights/water tabs on the available points.  After discussion, with a few available volunteers, we started our cleaning mission and nearly within two hours the whole Resting Site was giving a better view.  The activities undertaken by us are photographed as under:


After cleaning the Resting Site, we further interacted with some of the stakeholders like persons managing public toilets, police officials, JE etc.  The point of discussion/request with these stakeholders is tabulated below:



Point of discussion/request

Persons managing public toilets at ISBT

Not to overcharge from visitors using public toilets and keep clean their respective areas.

Police officials at ISBT

To cooperate us in implementation of rules & regulations relating to food safety etc. and also discouraging the overcharging from the public toilet users.


For betterment of ISBT services.

Officials of UP Roadways, ISBT

For betterment of UP Roadways Bus Driver-Conductor Resting Site


Date : 5th April, 2015


To inculcate cleaning habits in our children and motivate the neighbours, today, first, we swept our residential road and stairs.  When the ladies, neighbours and children came out of the homes and started to clean the locality, we drove to ISBT, Anand Vihar.           


At ISBT, Anand Vihar, in order to expand the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, today we chosen for cleaning the UP Roadways Bus Driver-Conductor Resting Site inside the ISBT.


The condition of this site was extremely bad.  There was no light in that site.  The doors of the bathrooms, toilets & resting rooms were broken and could not be closed.  The two toilets were completely chocked and filled with potty. The water taps of bathrooms & toilets were either broken or were missing.  Further, the two bathrooms were filled in with garbage/mud, plastic water bottles, water was flowing all over and even the floor was invisible.  Similarly, in the two rest rooms, there was dense dust and dirty cloths as well as malba was lying in the corners.


It will not be out of context to mention here that, this site was visited earlier also by our team on 28th December, 2014 and 4th January, 2015 and the concerned UP Roadways officials, available at ISBT, were requested to look into the matter. But despite that the site was in so bad condition.


When we requested the available karmcharies/drivers/conductors to cooperate with us in cleaning the resting site, they were unwilling, the reason, as informed, was the non-action by the concerned authorities/officers for getting cleaned the site despite repeated requests.  As our main aim is to motivate the persons by cleaning the dust/garbage by ourself, rather than forcing them for the result, we did not uttered even a single word further to them in this regard.  To exemplify, within one and half hour we cleaned the whole area.  The pictures, given below, speak the ‘Before, During and After’ scenario of our activities.  Ultimately, we are glad to state that the karmcharies/drivers/ conductors, who were earlier unwilling to cooperate with us, got impressed with our workings and told us that they will also make efforts in cleaning the site.   

1st March 2015

It is raining in Delhi for the last 30 hrs which was unpredictable. The team continued it's agenda of clean India mission and have found that ISBT Anand Vihar Delhi is not even safe during a normal rain. The dogged road, the holed rooftop and torn rooftop due to oxidation have no respite for passenger. All over the place all dirt and safai karmchari invisible.

18th January, 2015 : Report Prepared by: Mr. Gopal Prasad Sharma - Assistant Manager -HUDCO

To take the ‘Swachh  Anand Vihar ISBT Abhiyan’ a step further, today our team reached at ISBT Anand Vihar  at 11 AM and remained there  for a long time to complete the agenda of the day.  Our today’s main agenda was to request all the stakeholders through an ‘Appeal’ (copy attached), which was prepared by us, stressing on the importance of cleanliness and its positive impact on health, wealth and mind.   In this appeal, actionable requests to the shopkeepers, safai karmacharis, bus drivers etc. were also indicated.   We read out and explained this appeal to the shopkeepers and their employees one after the other.  For better impact on persons of same profession, this appeal was made to safai karmacharis and their supervisors in groups. For the purpose of reaching out to the bus drivers/conductors, passengers etc. at mass level, we read out and explained this appeal on the mike of Public Information Office of the ISBT.

Besides appealing, we have also inspected the public toilets (both ladies and gents).  We found these toilets cleaner than that of our earlier visits.  During the previous visits, the safai karmcharies of these toilets, were reluctant to walk with us inside the toilets for showing the upkeep & cleanliness, but now these employees were willingly & enthusiastically requesting us to have a check of these public conveniences and they were hoping for more suggestions from us for further improvement.  On this, we requested them to keep the soap-cases in the toilets as the soaps, without soap-cases, expand in the washbasins and give a shabby look.   We also noticed that in some of the ‘men urinals’ the  connecting pipes of the urinal pots were broken, the supervisor quickly responded to us and told that he will report this issue to the concerned for timely repair/placement.   We requested these persons to keep the surroundings of the public conveniences neat and clean too.  They assured us that, in our next visit, we shall see the desired changes.  In addition to this, we briefed nearly 15 safai karmcharis about the basic steps required to keep the cleanliness inside & around the deluxe toilets, they manage. 

During the visit of public conveniences, we noticed that some persons were urinating openly near walls.  We, with folded hands, requested them not to do the same again and use the public conveniences made for the purpose.  We also told them the positive effects of cleanliness and given copy of ‘Appeal’.  On our request and understanding the appeal, these people were so impressed that they promised us for never urinating in public and also told us that they will explain today’s scene and inculcate the contents of our appeal to their children, as they are the future of our country.

Taking an encouragement from the above scene and our regular visits of every Sunday morning, two shopkeepers and a supervisor of safai karmcharies also accompanied us to the shops to see that the eateries are properly covered or not.  Incidentally, one of the shopkeepers accompanying us was also owner of the shops and he noticed that the eateries of his two shops were not covered with the cloth/net, which he had bought after due discussion with us last time, but his employees were not making the use of the same.  He felt a little shame and he ordered his employees to make proper use of the cloth in future and cautioned them that, in no way ,he will accept any ignorance towards the same.


As in our each & every visit, we request hawkers to sell the DAL/CHANNA covered with cloth/net only, to check this, we stopped hawkers and noticed that their buckets of DAL/CHANNA were uncovered.

1st March 2015

 \It is raining in Delhi for the last 30 hrs which was unpredictable. The team continued it's agenda of clean India mission and have found that ISBT Anand Vihar Delhi is not even safe during a normal rain. The dogged road, the holed rooftop and torn rooftop due to oxidation have no respite for passenger. All over the place all dirt and safai karmchari invisible.

  Unfortunately, we have not confronted strongly with them because it is their livelihood issue & will take time to change their habits and again we requested them for doing the needful. 


We also met the officials of UP & Uttarakhand Roadways posted at ISBT Anand Vihar.  They wanted to pass the bucks to the safai karmacharis for their inefficient services but we requested them for their voluntary participation being responsible citizens.  We requested them that they should keep cleanliness atleast inside their offices and peripheral areas.  

We shared our ongoing Swachh Bharat Abhiyan with Mr. Ajay Kumar, ASI, Incharge of Delhi Police at Anand Vihar ISBT and informed him about our plan of all stakeholders’ meet through which we will seek actionable suggestions, specifically what we, individually, can contribute to make the Swachh ISBT Anand Vihar.   He was happy with the initiative and agreed to join with us alongwith his few seniors and peers in the meeting.

We also met two other enthusiastic and volunteer shop-owners who agreed that they will talk their trade partners and will call them for the proposed stakeholders meeting.    

We all know that persuasions and requests take time in achieving the goals in comparison to passing of orders and force, but the impact of the true persuasions and requests leaves an unforgettable & indelible impact on generations to come and sooner or later gives the better & more desired results for a very long time in comparison to passing of orders & force.  This is evident from the fact that Mahatma Gandhi Ji, with his persuasion and honesty, attracted the masses for independence and ultimately we got the Independence which was beyond imagination at that time.  Keeping this in our mind and heart, we are continuously making efforts for Swachh ISBT Anand Vihar.


11 January 2015 at ISBT Anand Vihar

Swachh Bharat Mission dated 11 January 2015 at ISBT Anand Vihar New Delhi - the focus was on the owners of food suppliers inside ISBT. The focus was to convince the owners and their staff to keep the eating item like SAMOSA, Bread PAKODA, PARANTHA, ROTI, DAAL, RICE and other such items covered to ensure minimum contamination.

Dated 6th January 2015 Swachh Mission in Rishikesh Uttarakhand

Swachh mission abhiyaan was organised in Rishieksh the footstep to Chardham of Garhwal Uttarakhand. THe program was organised in co-operation with the local volunteers to broom the integrated bus stop, stakeholder engagement, dialogue with passengers/commuters.  Some highlights by the media in the following links


Swachh Mission in Rishikesh by SR Asia coverage by Dainik Jagran 6th January 2015 - Rishikesh


Swachh Mission in Rishikesh by SR Asia coverage by Rashtriya Sahara 6th January 2015 - Rishikesh


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Date : 4th January, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 to all,

          Keeping the continuity of cleanliness journey started since October, 2014 at Anand Vihar ISBT by the members of SR Asia, Karmchari Kalyan Samiti and volunteers, today our team reached ISBT, Anand Vihar at 8 AM and worked there till 10 AM.  During this visit, we exchanged New Year wishes with the shopkeepers, hawkers, Safai Karmcharies, policemen, drivers, conductors and the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation officers, posted at ISBT.  We visited all the platforms of ISBT, JAN SAUCHALAYAS, and sites of bus parking as well as rest rooms allotted to Uttar Pradesh/Uttarkhand Transport and also interacted with all the stakeholders.  


          In our visit, we noticed that a large number of shopkeepers were happily cleaning not only their shop areas but also the surroundings of their shops.  In some of the shops, the eateries were also covered with transparent cloth in order to avoid dust/mosquitoes etc. We also found dustbins placed in some of the shops.  Besides this, the safai karmcharies were cleaning some of the public utilities (JAN SAUCHALAYAS).  


          Seeing the above activities, our team was extremely happy and got motivation, as the tree that we put by cleaning platforms, sweeping bus parking areas, picking up the garbage (MALBA) with our hands and humbly requesting the shopkeepers, safai karmacharies visitors etc. to clean their surroundings & cover the eateries wit transparent cloth, has started to give fruits and our dream of SWACH ANAND VIHAR ISBT was appearing to come true.


          Besides above, we also noticed that some of the shopkeepers, after cleaning their shop areas, had put that garbage on the bus parking areas near their shops.  We felt that such an act has been done by them inadvertently and due to lack of hygienic knowledge.  We requested them not to do this and also told them about the ill-effects of unhygienic surroundings.  We also counseled them to treat whole of the ISBT & surroundings as their personal property and clean & take care of the same with the feeling of VASUDHEV KUTUMBAKAM i.e. whole earth is like our family.  On listening us, not only the shopkeepers but also the visitors felt very happy and promised us to keep their surroundings neat and clean.  Such an act inspired us to do more.


          Near the shops, we noticed that the dustbins were without lids and some of them were put near the drinking water places/eateries.  We requested the shopkeepers to have the dustbins with lid only and keep them away from drinking water places/eateries as the dustbins without lid/dustbins near eateries, are very unhygienic and do not attract the good customers. We got an assurance from the shopkeepers for improvement in this regard.


          Our team further moved to the Bus Parking site and rest room allotted to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand Roadways.  This site was also visited earlier by our team on 28th December, 2014 and we found the condition of this place from bad to worse.  The condition was so depleted that even animals could not stay there and it was pathetic to see that the bus drivers and conductors were expected to rest in such a place.  A few photographs of this place have been taken by our team, which will be uploaded very shortly.  Feeling the pain of this situation, we met the Uttar Pradesh Transport officials, posted at Anand Vihar ISBT and requested them to take some action.  These officers have shown us copies of the letters written by them to their authorities in this regard.  We too have taken the scanned copies of these letters and are planning to take up this issue with the higher and appropriate authorities for redressal.


          To sum up, this noble task of cleanliness is taking us near not only to the cleanliness but also to the humanity & welfare of people and we hope that this will leave a great impact on our generations to come. 


As part of Cleanness motto, today we reached ISBT, Anand Vihar New Delhi at 9

AM and interviewed the various stakeholders like shop owners, passengers, bus drivers, conductors.  Today we have seen a very positive impact of our cleanliness drive.  Floor of a large number of shops was very clean and on seeing us, some of the shopkeepers started to clean the floor and  covering the eateries. However, some of the persons working at shops were hiding from interview fearing that their shop owners will fire them from services. 

The photos and videos were taken right from the entry gate, all pavements, roads and corners. It has been found that the sewer line is repaired half and left open which is leading to the sewer line spillage all around next adjecent   to the entry gate. The dirty water is creating all nuisances i.e. contamination to the land, bad smell,  breeding of mosquitos etc. which may lead to diseases.


 On one side of the walls, the digging is taking place for laying electric cable, as we told.  As a result of this, the soil and mud spillages along and the on road which pollutes the environment in the form of dust when buses plight from these roads.


 We spoke to the safai karamcharis and they are very excited about our initiatives. We appreciated group of the safai karamcharis for their increasing role in keeping the toilets clean and washing the entry and surroundings. The safai karmacharries told us their official problems which are pressing and of different kinds.   As these problems do not directly fall within the focus of clean India mission,  we only heard and did not respond. 

In continuation of our last week initiative of feedback from the shopkeepers and shop employees about our initiative and its impact, we noticed that some shop owners were candid and expressed the positive impact and some were still indifferent by keeping and engaging us in other issues to  divert the focus. Employees at the shops in general were scared to talk openly about the cleaning in general.

As we approached towards the parking side of the ISBT, we met a group of drivers and conductors of UP Roadways. This group was very upset with the way their toilet and rest room is maintained. For reality check, we visited the rest room and toilet and found the same filthy and in pathetic condition. We have taken some photographs and videos of the rest room, toilet and surroundings.  We found out that not only the facility is full of filth but the surrounding is equally horrible. One can find open defecations and urinating everyone out there. We also found that the garbage collected inside ISBT is dumped about 50 meters from the facility and next to the road. The poor rag pickers (old women)  were found segregating garbage for their livelihood which we do not know whether they are assigned this work by the concerned authority/agency or are doing this work voluntarily for their livelihood. Overall, this exercise was an eye-opener of the facilities (rest room, toilets and UP Roadways parking) inside ISBT.  


 The cleanliness overall in the ISBT is not only poor but horribly maintained. This is yet to be seen who is responsible and accountable for such an outright ill-governance.


The team in the subsequent visit plan to meet the officials of the concerned authority and also write for the appropriate support.




Swachh Bharat Mission ISBT 21st December 2014

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan - ISBT Anand Vihar New Delhi started with new steps by taking voluntary commitment of the shop owners at ISBT. There was phenomenal support of the shop owners and employees . We were also joined by the auto unions today and they also shown their willingness to join our mission. We took the pledge of many today to support and hope to get their active support, we also approached to the group of third sex group. 

Swachh Bharat Mission ISBT 14th December 2014

Today the team started with combined initiatives with the members of shop owner’s. We also involved employees at shop’s and toilets and private security.

We came across some real facts

  1. As it was a cold day, we found safai karmchari together along the side of toilets  have fireworks. This was leading to lots of smoke, ace and coal around.
  2.  Safai karmchari not paying attention to the women in particular wanting to use the toilets
  3. Safai karmchari charging more to the customer than the listed charges.
  4. Charges written on the wall of toilet were covered by the news paper. Ref. deluxe toilet at the left side of buses entry gate.
  5. The sleeping bed of the safai karmchari being used by the stray dogs.
  6. Safai karmchari themselves spitting around everywhere including the place of their sitting chair or stool or a cemented structure in use.

We took interest in as why these safai karmcharis were not keeping the care of their health and cleanliness’s in general. As we found that stray dogs were sleeping inside the quilt and they were quietly watching and not bothered it concerned us and thus we thought talking about it. We found them with very low esteem and no motivation at all  about hygiene and sanitation. We also found that the employee’s in general chewing ghutaka and partly drunk. Some safai karmcharis are not concerned  of their health as they  find and see bleak future and are bling about them.

Another important point discussed with shop owners and suppliers of food items.  The food (parantha, samosa, bread pakora, etc) is kept in open /uncovered  at shop corners or front desk/ Reddies. We discussed with them to take small care like covering the food items with transparent net / cloth so as to stop it from direct contamination of high carbon air content, dust  and bad smells. We discussed at length how such a contaminated food could adversely affect to the heath of the poor people’s travelling to the ISBT Anand Vihar route. We shared that there are people who just carry may be 15 to 20 rupee extra to the ticket amount and are having limitations to consume whatever they find at the station as they feel hungry and helpless.  After discussing all this with the shop owners and employee’s they felt they shall do something about it, they have assured some steps to stop direct exposure of food to the pollution in a weeks’ time ahead.

As we are regularly visiting to the ISBT Anand vihar on Sunday we never found the following

  1. Traffic management of buses at early morning hour, The poor drivers manage their entry, parking and exit as it deemed suitable to each of them. Hats off to them in managing it coolely.
  2. We did not find either traffic police or security or some technology being put in place /in operation in managing the bus traffic.
  3. Did not ever find that food security authority of India has any access to this station or any food inspector of Delhi government or DTC is keeping any eye to these food outlets/ Radeeis and or walker vendor.
  4. The role of health ministry in regulating the use of Paan, gutka, cigrate or biddi etc at ISBT Anand Vihar.
  5. The shops  at platform are extended  5 to 6 times of the original  place (size) creating problems to the daily safai karamcharis. There are many unauthorised street vendors along the metro entry side and exit gate of buses.
  6. Checking of bags by the local security guards. Wonders whether they are authorised to do so. I wonder if the security system is working at all, and why not metal detectors are not given to these gourds as they physically check the passenger’s. We have seen and found these security checkers to unpacking the bags in general and creating and disturbing the entire bag packaging and latter not having the courtsy to put the things in order inside the bags. These poor people are treated badly in ISBT Delhi and perhaps these people wont like to re visit Delhi due to such a ill treatment.
  7. The role and  absence of ISBT officers , DTC and Delhi government, UP roadways and other department in keeping and maintaining hygiene and  sanitation, health and safety, traffic management, toilets charges and cleanliness, urinating, spitting and littering on walls is not evident. The cleanliness and hygiene to the   booth of DTC, UP roadways and enquiry counters is pathetic.

Overall impact at first sight was better than usual. We today started more engagement process today than sweeping the platform and roads. We also made announcement to all the stakeholders at the ISBT in cooperating with Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and make the ISBT as clean one can contribute to keep it.

 Thank you team and keep the sprit of swachh bharat.



Swachh Bharat Mission ISBT 23rd October 2014

 Today new initiative  was to " CLEAN THE TAP WATER SUPPLY"


Today team did a ground work  at ISBT Anand Vihar New Delhi India.


The broom work at ground zero with cleaning 2 platform took place.


One of the best moment of the day was to clean the  Tap water supply which was new today. The surrounding was so dirty and perhaps never cleaned from the day of installation. Next week the team want to carry flexible PVC water pipe  length 10 meter to clean the area properly so that the area is fully cleaned and made attractive to all for drinking. The water cooler is installed but in a pathetic condition.


We also had informal discussion with the SHOP owners for taking up responsibility for collecting waste generously  and make ISBT Anand Vihar neat and clean. We shared with them about more than 70% waste generation due to them alone. We also indicated their extra encroachment to the area which is hampering clean drive.


Unauthorized sellers were caught who contribute to waste  disposal here and there. The team caught some of them and handed over to police for advising not to dispose waste in and around everywhere.  


The team had interaction with about 50 numbers  shop owners and passengers and found all of them upbeat about our initiative.


Thank you team and all stakeholders for the energy and support.

 Next event to take place on 30th November 2014.

Some of the best moment of the event ,, Before and After

Next event to take place on 30th November 2014.


Catching moments of the day inspiring picture



Swachh Bharat or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Campaign Clean India) is a national level campaign by the Government of India covering 4041 statutory towns to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country.

I am personally indebited by the overwhelming participation by our RWA members and the KIDS participating voluntarily in this mission clean India.

It is a proud and privilege to get united to really get rid of this " dirt and filth " everywhere we find which any way is a big threat to human life and others to survive. I am sure as everybody realize and participating actively in this operation clean will definitely find a success one day. Though the path to travel is long but many has started the journey already.

Social Responsibility (SR ) Asia,  Kendriya Karmchari Samti   and RWA members are voluntary participating in " Anand Vihar Inter-state Bus station  clean up Drive" and have decided to work every Saturday and Sunday in this drive. We hope to garner support of about 500 people in the next 8 weeks for Anand Vihar inter state bus station cleaning and maintenance. We are starting with Anand Vihar as of now and after attaining  success  and will take some more location of public health soon. 
The activity plan we have as of now 
1- Cleaning and sweeping during every visit
2. Engagement and dialogue with shop keepers related to waste and cleanliness
3. Dialogue with DTC management and staff
4. Interaction with Safai Karamchari and their company and staff
5. Interaction and Commissioner MCD -EAST  
6. Interaction with Delhi Police
7. Interaction with DDA
8. Dialogue with SULABH Sauchalaya
9. Dialogue with Passengers, Drivers and conductors- Briefing on SAFAI
10. Monitoring and evaluation

The program for Saturday and Sunday is as follows
Visit to on site on Saturday, Time 7.30AM
Team volunteered : Mr. Gopal Sharma, Mr, Bharat Bhusan, Mr. Dinesh Yadav, Mr. Vikas Kumar, Birendra Raturi others are also welcome to volunteer 
1. Meeting Shop Keepers, Local police staff, DTC staff, Safai agency( Rag picker), Sulabh Sauchalaya, local Security Agency 
2. Briefing to above stake holders on the initiatives taken and their role in making a success of it
3. Requesting to the above stakeholders in participating on Sunday in cleaning drive  
Visit on Sunday
Time: 6.30 on Site ( Anand Vihar inter-state bus terminal  near Sulbha Sauchalaya)
Agenda : Sweeping , Rag picking and disposal of waste to the dumping site,parallel engagement with stakeholders ( passenger and Others). Announcement to the all stakeholders through DTC audio system, Before and After Photo, Preparing a small report and submission of the report to the PMO account.
We look forward for your co-operation and full support. Kindly share your feedback and inputs to make the event a success. Kindly invite your friends, neighbor, colleague and any person willing to be part of this program.

Swachh Bharat Abhyaan 18 October 2014

Today planning was set from 8AM  to 9AM But it continued until 12.15PM.

The positive participation and support of all stakeholders is very positive. We had one to one conversation with the  the shop keepers, Safai Karmachari, Private Security Guards, Bus Drivers  and conductors, Toilet Contractors, Street Beggers and sellers. We also met the personnel’s of the following organisations

1.      Delhi Government Transport department

2.      Engineer ‘s  estate Management

3.      I/C Delhi Police to ISBT Anand Vihar

4.      Security Supervisors of Private security Agency

5.      UP Roadways

Next review meeting to be held on next Saturday with the DTC, Delhi Police, ISBT Estate Manager, MCD officials and DDA.


Time 7.AM to 9.30 AM

Today it was a amazing day as the exercise of members of SR Asia, Karmchari Kalyan Samiti and RWA AK-3 Indirapuram did just some hard work and the mission was only cleaning and cleaning. There was no talks, gossips and conveyancing of the mission to any stakeholders but just to work and clean. Thanks to all the members and supports!

The photo links and Albums are available on the following links too




10.30 AM to 2PM

The RWA AK-3 Indirapuram members today took another big initiative by clearing all the garbage, dust and waste from the parking area. Most of the members participated with very high degree of enthusiasm and cleaned the park to almost like a dust free area. One member voluntarily served Tea another one served Idli and another also served Cold drink and Samosas. Having acquired all this energy the members did not stop to the cleaning but had a intense and creative dialogue on improving parking habits and parking personal vehicles appropriately such that space utilization and movements can happen smoothly.



Today message also conveyed how united fight can eradicate big problems,



Please do find the the picture on my FB link