Swachh Bharat Mission - Projects in Progress - Swachh Bharat Mission ISBT 21st December 2014


Swachh Bharat Mission ISBT 21st December 2014

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan - ISBT Anand Vihar New Delhi started with new steps by taking voluntary commitment of the shop owners at ISBT. There was phenomenal support of the shop owners and employees . We were also joined by the auto unions today and they also shown their willingness to join our mission. We took the pledge of many today to support and hope to get their active support, we also approached to the group of third sex group. 

Swachh Bharat Mission ISBT 14th December 2014

Today the team started with combined initiatives with the members of shop owner’s. We also involved employees at shop’s and toilets and private security.

We came across some real facts

  1. As it was a cold day, we found safai karmchari together along the side of toilets  have fireworks. This was leading to lots of smoke, ace and coal around.
  2.  Safai karmchari not paying attention to the women in particular wanting to use the toilets
  3. Safai karmchari charging more to the customer than the listed charges.
  4. Charges written on the wall of toilet were covered by the news paper. Ref. deluxe toilet at the left side of buses entry gate.
  5. The sleeping bed of the safai karmchari being used by the stray dogs.
  6. Safai karmchari themselves spitting around everywhere including the place of their sitting chair or stool or a cemented structure in use.

We took interest in as why these safai karmcharis were not keeping the care of their health and cleanliness’s in general. As we found that stray dogs were sleeping inside the quilt and they were quietly watching and not bothered it concerned us and thus we thought talking about it. We found them with very low esteem and no motivation at all  about hygiene and sanitation. We also found that the employee’s in general chewing ghutaka and partly drunk. Some safai karmcharis are not concerned  of their health as they  find and see bleak future and are bling about them.

Another important point discussed with shop owners and suppliers of food items.  The food (parantha, samosa, bread pakora, etc) is kept in open /uncovered  at shop corners or front desk/ Reddies. We discussed with them to take small care like covering the food items with transparent net / cloth so as to stop it from direct contamination of high carbon air content, dust  and bad smells. We discussed at length how such a contaminated food could adversely affect to the heath of the poor people’s travelling to the ISBT Anand Vihar route. We shared that there are people who just carry may be 15 to 20 rupee extra to the ticket amount and are having limitations to consume whatever they find at the station as they feel hungry and helpless.  After discussing all this with the shop owners and employee’s they felt they shall do something about it, they have assured some steps to stop direct exposure of food to the pollution in a weeks’ time ahead.

As we are regularly visiting to the ISBT Anand vihar on Sunday we never found the following

  1. Traffic management of buses at early morning hour, The poor drivers manage their entry, parking and exit as it deemed suitable to each of them. Hats off to them in managing it coolely.
  2. We did not find either traffic police or security or some technology being put in place /in operation in managing the bus traffic.
  3. Did not ever find that food security authority of India has any access to this station or any food inspector of Delhi government or DTC is keeping any eye to these food outlets/ Radeeis and or walker vendor.
  4. The role of health ministry in regulating the use of Paan, gutka, cigrate or biddi etc at ISBT Anand Vihar.
  5. The shops  at platform are extended  5 to 6 times of the original  place (size) creating problems to the daily safai karamcharis. There are many unauthorised street vendors along the metro entry side and exit gate of buses.
  6. Checking of bags by the local security guards. Wonders whether they are authorised to do so. I wonder if the security system is working at all, and why not metal detectors are not given to these gourds as they physically check the passenger’s. We have seen and found these security checkers to unpacking the bags in general and creating and disturbing the entire bag packaging and latter not having the courtsy to put the things in order inside the bags. These poor people are treated badly in ISBT Delhi and perhaps these people wont like to re visit Delhi due to such a ill treatment.
  7. The role and  absence of ISBT officers , DTC and Delhi government, UP roadways and other department in keeping and maintaining hygiene and  sanitation, health and safety, traffic management, toilets charges and cleanliness, urinating, spitting and littering on walls is not evident. The cleanliness and hygiene to the   booth of DTC, UP roadways and enquiry counters is pathetic.

Overall impact at first sight was better than usual. We today started more engagement process today than sweeping the platform and roads. We also made announcement to all the stakeholders at the ISBT in cooperating with Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and make the ISBT as clean one can contribute to keep it.

 Thank you team and keep the sprit of swachh bharat.