Swachh Bharat Mission - Projects in Progress - 1st march 2015

18th January, 2015 : Report Prepared by: Mr. Gopal Prasad Sharma - Assistant Manager -HUDCO

To take the ‘Swachh  Anand Vihar ISBT Abhiyan’ a step further, today our team reached at ISBT Anand Vihar  at 11 AM and remained there  for a long time to complete the agenda of the day.  Our today’s main agenda was to request all the stakeholders through an ‘Appeal’ (copy attached), which was prepared by us, stressing on the importance of cleanliness and its positive impact on health, wealth and mind.   In this appeal, actionable requests to the shopkeepers, safai karmacharis, bus drivers etc. were also indicated.   We read out and explained this appeal to the shopkeepers and their employees one after the other.  For better impact on persons of same profession, this appeal was made to safai karmacharis and their supervisors in groups. For the purpose of reaching out to the bus drivers/conductors, passengers etc. at mass level, we read out and explained this appeal on the mike of Public Information Office of the ISBT.

Besides appealing, we have also inspected the public toilets (both ladies and gents).  We found these toilets cleaner than that of our earlier visits.  During the previous visits, the safai karmcharies of these toilets, were reluctant to walk with us inside the toilets for showing the upkeep & cleanliness, but now these employees were willingly & enthusiastically requesting us to have a check of these public conveniences and they were hoping for more suggestions from us for further improvement.  On this, we requested them to keep the soap-cases in the toilets as the soaps, without soap-cases, expand in the washbasins and give a shabby look.   We also noticed that in some of the ‘men urinals’ the  connecting pipes of the urinal pots were broken, the supervisor quickly responded to us and told that he will report this issue to the concerned for timely repair/placement.   We requested these persons to keep the surroundings of the public conveniences neat and clean too.  They assured us that, in our next visit, we shall see the desired changes.  In addition to this, we briefed nearly 15 safai karmcharis about the basic steps required to keep the cleanliness inside & around the deluxe toilets, they manage. 

During the visit of public conveniences, we noticed that some persons were urinating openly near walls.  We, with folded hands, requested them not to do the same again and use the public conveniences made for the purpose.  We also told them the positive effects of cleanliness and given copy of ‘Appeal’.  On our request and understanding the appeal, these people were so impressed that they promised us for never urinating in public and also told us that they will explain today’s scene and inculcate the contents of our appeal to their children, as they are the future of our country.

Taking an encouragement from the above scene and our regular visits of every Sunday morning, two shopkeepers and a supervisor of safai karmcharies also accompanied us to the shops to see that the eateries are properly covered or not.  Incidentally, one of the shopkeepers accompanying us was also owner of the shops and he noticed that the eateries of his two shops were not covered with the cloth/net, which he had bought after due discussion with us last time, but his employees were not making the use of the same.  He felt a little shame and he ordered his employees to make proper use of the cloth in future and cautioned them that, in no way ,he will accept any ignorance towards the same.


As in our each & every visit, we request hawkers to sell the DAL/CHANNA covered with cloth/net only, to check this, we stopped hawkers and noticed that their buckets of DAL/CHANNA were uncovered.

1st March 2015

 \It is raining in Delhi for the last 30 hrs which was unpredictable. The team continued it's agenda of clean India mission and have found that ISBT Anand Vihar Delhi is not even safe during a normal rain. The dogged road, the holed rooftop and torn rooftop due to oxidation have no respite for passenger. All over the place all dirt and safai karmchari invisible.