Swachh Bharat Mission - Projects in Progress

Time 7.AM to 9.30 AM

Today it was a amazing day as the exercise of members of SR Asia, Karmchari Kalyan Samiti and RWA AK-3 Indirapuram did just some hard work and the mission was only cleaning and cleaning. There was no talks, gossips and conveyancing of the mission to any stakeholders but just to work and clean. Thanks to all the members and supports!

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10.30 AM to 2PM

The RWA AK-3 Indirapuram members today took another big initiative by clearing all the garbage, dust and waste from the parking area. Most of the members participated with very high degree of enthusiasm and cleaned the park to almost like a dust free area. One member voluntarily served Tea another one served Idli and another also served Cold drink and Samosas. Having acquired all this energy the members did not stop to the cleaning but had a intense and creative dialogue on improving parking habits and parking personal vehicles appropriately such that space utilization and movements can happen smoothly.



Today message also conveyed how united fight can eradicate big problems,



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